Gujarat Board repeaters of standard 10-12 will not get mass promotion

Gujarat Board repeaters of standard 10-12 will not get mass promotion

Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has taken a big decision regarding the examination of repeaters of Std. 10 and 12. So far the repeater students were hesitant about whether the exam would be taken. However now the picture is clear. The Board has decided to take the examination of repeaters of Std. 10-12 of Guj Board. That is, repeaters of standard 10-12 Guj board will not get mass promotion. The standard 10 and 12 science and general stream repeater exams will be held from July 15. A circular has been issued by Gujarat Board in this regard.

Circular issued by the Board: Mass promotion to regular students of standard 10 and 12

Considering the prevailing situation of Corona epidemic, it was decided to give adequate mass promotion to regular students of Std-10 and Std-12 this year.

However, no decision was taken regarding repeater students of standard 10-12. Meanwhile, the date of standard 10 and 12 repeater examination has been announced today, according to which the examination of students will be conducted from July 15. On the other hand, the government has also announced to take Gujkat exam along with reporter student exam.

This year, more than three and a half lakh students in standard 10 and more than one lakh question marks in standard 12 had filled the form. It may be mentioned that following Corona, it has been decided to cancel the examination of standard regular students and give them mass promotion. Repeater students in standard 10 also filled the form then. Who have not been given a mass promotion. So the state school board has demanded to give mass promotion to repeater students on May 15.

મોટીThe big dilemma is to calculate the subjects of 12 science subjects by how many marks according to which group

The Gujarat Board had also announced the formula after the Central Government announced the formula for Std. 12 result but no clarification has been given as to whether the students who are not satisfied with the result will be given the opportunity of examination It is a big dilemma to calculate the subjects of 12 sciences along with the subjects of Std.

The Central Government has canceled the Std. 12 examination and presented Marcus Parton to the Supreme Court for mass promotion. It has also announced that students who are not satisfied with the result of Std.

No clarification regarding optional examination

In the same way, there is a demand among the students-parents that the Gujarat government should make an announcement for the students of Gujarat Board, because in the pattern of Gujarat Board, the smart students of Std. Students of 12 sciences are likely to suffer huge losses.

At present, only the Marks pattern has been announced by the Gujarat Government through the Gujarat Board but no clarification has been given regarding the alternative examination. Besides, in the result of Std. 12, it has not been clarified how 50% marks will be calculated for Std. 10 subjects for science students and in which group which subjects will be considered. So students, parents are confused in the current Marcus calculation.

The detailed guideline has been sent to the government for approval by the Gujarat Board but has not been made public yet. There is also confusion in schools when it comes to starting assessment of results.

ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા અહિ ક્લિક કરો

From today, Marks schools of Std. 10 do not even have marks assessment by schools

The Gujarat Board has announced the pattern of Std. 12 marks and also instructed the schools to assess the marks from 19th to 25th. But the schools do not have the marks of Std. 10 of the students when the weightage of Std. 10 which is the highest is 50%. If the board has them then the board will have to calculate the marks that the schools have a big question. Not done. Schools have only Std. 11 and Std. 12 marks which have 25-25% weightage.

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